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Welcome to STACS UP

I am pleased to welcome you to STACS UP, STACS DNA’s new blog. It’s for anyone working at a DNA (or PCR-based) laboratory and/or who submits samples to those labs. We’ll be sharing what we’ve learned about sample tracking, and how it can help labs and their stakeholders to provide more efficient service in support of patient health and community safety.

What we will be talking about

We plan to use STACS UP as a space to discuss big picture problems facing forensics and healthcare as well as day-to-day challenges, addressing topics such as:

  • Increasing forensic lab processing capacity
  • Quality assurance tips & tricks
  • How to prepare for an audit
  • Newborn screening timeliness
  • Sexual assault kit tracking legislation

Hear from our field application specialists, technical writers, developers, quality assurance analysts, and sales and marketing teams – who work directly with our customers to identify and overcome the challenges they face every day.

How we gained our expertise

STACS DNA creates sample tracking solutions that are customized to our clients’ unique needs in the forensics and healthcare sectors. We’ve been working with forensic DNA labs for twenty years to deliver STACS® solutions that support forensic DNA sample processing and lab management. We understand chain of custody and our products meet the most stringent lab regulations. Our clients include the FBI, RCMP, and US Army, in addition to casework and databanking labs across North America.

In 2014, we introduced Track-Kit™, which helps prevent delays getting samples delivered to the lab. It provides vital information to thousands of people at medical facilities, laboratories, distributors and others. Most recently, we worked with Massachusetts to roll out Track-Kit for statewide sexual assault evidence kit tracking across all fourteen counties.

You can read more about our milestones and check out our recent news to learn a little bit more about the work that we do.

Engaging with STACS UP

Our goal is to spark conversation with you. We hope to hear from lab managers and analysts, law enforcement agencies, healthcare workers, and anyone who might use our solutions. I invite you to share your thoughts by commenting, posting on social media or emailing us directly. Take a moment to subscribe so you can receive our latest blog posts directly to your inbox. We look forward to engaging with you.

Thank you and happy reading!

About Jocelyn Tremblay

Jocelyn Tremblay, President and COO, drives business and leads operations at STACS DNA. He has dedicated nearly 20 years to the development of world-class software. Jocelyn joined Anjura Technology in 2001 and oversaw the creation of STACS DNA in 2005. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music and working out.

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