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Forensic DNA Scientist Joins STACS DNA Team

May 20, 2014

OTTAWA, May 20, 2014—STACS DNA Inc., the only DNA sample processing software provider, today announced that Malena Jimenez, formerly a Criminalist with Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Crime Laboratory Division, has joined STACS DNA as a Field Application Specialist.

“We are committed to delivering the best DNA sample processing software, expertise and services to forensic DNA laboratories,” said Jocelyn Tremblay, President and Chief Operating Officer of STACS DNA. “I am delighted that Malena is joining STACS DNA. Her first-hand understanding of the daily operations of our customers, as well as her hands-on experience with STACS software, makes her a valuable addition to our team.”

As a Criminalist for eight years in MSHP’s multi-site DNA casework lab, Malena played an active role working with STACS DNA to integrate the lab’s in-house built Lotus Notes-based LIMS with STACS-CW Enterprise. Previously, the system was error-prone and required Criminalists to use paper and Excel to track samples, resulting in duplicated efforts. She played a key role in identifying the lab’s requirements, evaluating solutions, implementation, training and on-going daily use of STACS software.

“I’ve had such a positive experience as a client working with the STACS DNA team for the past four years. I understand on a day-to-day basis the difference STACS can make and I look forward to working with other DNA crime labs to help them reduce backlogs and better serve their communities.”

Malena participated in documenting her lab’s results from using STACS-CW Enterprise: 30% throughput increase, 60% less time to document sample processing, 57% less time for peer review (while taking the stress out of the process), significantly reduced risks of error, improved data capture, and all this while going paperless.

At the MSHP DNA crime lab, Malena held positions as a LIMS Administrator, Safety Officer, DNA Auditor and Casework and CODIS Criminalist. She is an ABC-certified Analyst with extensive courtroom experience and technical training, and holds a Bachelor of Science with dual majors in Cellular/Molecular Biology and Chemistry from Utah State University.


STACS DNA delivers the only sample processing software specifically designed for DNA laboratories. Since 2000, we’ve helped DNA labs of all sizes to accelerate throughput, save time, prevent errors, cut costs, and maintain chain of custody. STACS tracks and controls samples, manages workflows, integrates systems and instrumentation and improves data quality. Used by federal, state, regional and local police forces in the U.S. and Canada, including many of the largest DNA labs in North America. The company is based in Ottawa, ON and Fairfax, VA. For more information, visit www.stacsdna.com.

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used by federal, state, regional and local police forces in the U.S. and Canada, including many of the largest DNA labs in North America.