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Top Five Features Our Clients Love About STACS-CW

Wednesday, March 7, 9 PT/10 MT/11 CT/12 ET/6 CET/9 GST

Target audience: DNA Analysts, Lab Managers, Quality Assurance Managers

Our casework DNA lab customers can’t imagine doing their jobs without STACS-CW. The ability to digitally track and document all DNA laboratory activities is what separates STACS-CW clients from those who are using just their LIMS to track DNA samples. STACS has become vital to their day-to-day processing of DNA cases.

We asked our clients what they like most about STACS-CW. We asked large DNA labs with multiple sites as well as small local DNA labs with just a few analysts.

We learned the top five STACS-CW functions our clients said they can’t live without. Join us for this webinar to hear what they had to say.

Presented by:

Malena Jimenez, Field Application Specialist

As a Criminalist with the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP)’s multi-site DNA casework laboratory, Malena has held positions as a LIMS Administrator, Safety Officer, DNA Auditor and Casework and CODIS Criminalist, where she played an active role optimizing the lab’s automation. Malena is an ABC-certified analyst with extensive courtroom experience and technical training, and holds a Bachelor of Science with a major in Cellular/Molecular Biology and a minor in Chemistry from Utah State University.

In addition to her scientific knowledge, Malena has extensive information technology experience. During her time at MSHP, she served as both a LIMS Administrator in charge of maintaining the Missouri State Crime Laboratory’s evidence inventory and processing database and a STACS Administrator in charge of implementing STACS DNA at three sites, providing training and support, and maintaining the DNA Casework sample processing database through interaction with MSHP and STACS IT support.

Since joining STACS DNA in 2014, Malena has expanded her information technology ability through SQL Server database management, application design/installation, and customer relationship management. Malena is responsible for working with forensic DNA laboratories to identify and capture customer requirements, incorporate new technologies, perform training and ensure smooth implementations.

Hosted by:

Tim Stacy, Sales Director, Forensics

Tim Stacy joined STACS DNA in 2005. He works with the DNA laboratory community to ensure STACS DNA and its product line meets the needs of our clients to further improve laboratory processes with the latest technologies. Prior to joining STACS DNA, Tim spent 17 years with Cellmark Diagnostics/Orchid Cellmark as a Molecular Biologist, Laboratory Supervisor and Director of Sales and Marketing. Tim has a B.S. in Medical Technology (ASCP) from the Medical College of Virginia.

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