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Is your DNA lab ready for growth?
This brief video highlights how STACS DNA helps DNA laboratories address the challenges they face, including tracking samples, data quality, preventing errors and more.

Maximizing Productivity in DNA Labs (1 of 5): Four Critical Areas
This brief video covers the four critical areas you need to master to maximize productivity and minimize errors in your DNA Lab.

Maximizing Productivity in DNA Labs (2 of 5): Lab Management
This video focuses on Lab Management, which covers managing your ordering and inventory, your consumables, your storage and your instrument maintenance to save time and prevent errors.

Maximizing Productivity in DNA Labs (3 of 5): Sample Processing
This video focuses on Sample Processing at the bench, which covers DNA-specific workflows, preventative process controls, and quality assurance and quality controls, all to help you manage your lab’s day-to-day work, save time and effort, follow procedures, prevent errors and comply with accreditation standards.

Maximizing Productivity in DNA Labs (4 of 5): Integration
This video focuses on Lab Integration, which covers the advantages of connecting all your mission-critical systems—your instrumentation, your LIS or LIMS, and other external systems your organization uses.

Maximizing Productivity in DNA Labs (5 of 5): Accreditation
This video focuses on Accreditation, which covers best practices in Standard Operating Procedures, documentation, reporting and audits. This is the fifth and final video in our series “Maximizing Productivity in DNA Labs”.

What customers are saying about STACS DNA:

“Insanely high throughput with maximum efficiency.”

“There is no way we could process the number of samples we process without it.”

“It is essential to the job we do.”

“We would need more analysts [without STACS DNA software].”

“We’ve increased the size of our database by 60%.”

“STACS removes one giant bottleneck.”

“If people sit down and look at their process, they would understand STACS is the way to go to fix their process.”

“[With STACS DNA,] we were able to customize the program to meet our needs.”

“STACS DNA is willing to work with customers to solve issues that come up.”