Track-Kit Services

Track-Kit Services

Take the pressure off your team! We can do it all for you.

Our highly-rated customization, implementation, hosting, training, maintenance and ongoing technical support services makes your Track-Kit system production-ready, ensuring a smooth rollout and reliable ongoing use.

We’re ready to train and support thousands of end users

Implementing and supporting hundreds or thousands of users is not for the inexperienced. We’ve rolled-out Track-Kit systems to tens of thousands of users. Our team handles all Track-Kit technology and services – including delivering end-user training and technical support jurisdiction-wide – so your team can focus on what they do best.

Not only do we understand the unique requirements of each type of user, but we train all users. To accommodate the schedules and workloads of shift workers in healthcare and law enforcement, we’ll schedule multiple training opportunities. The training schedule may need to be sustained over several months.

Learn more about our proven process below.

  • Demo the application to each user group
  • Perform gap analysis between current operations and possible functionality
  • Identify and recommend alternatives to meet project goals, schedule, budget
  • Determine if/where customizations are needed

  • Hold one or more Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions to discuss details
  • Create requirements specifications
  • Hold review points to see development progress and provide input
  • Create testing plan and test all aspects of software to be delivered

  • Develop work plan that drives project schedule
  • Provide set of documents from change management to security analysis

  • Set up in the cloud
  • Optimize security, availability, scalability
  • Configure system for all organizations that will be using it
  • If required, migrate previous kits to track from outset
  • Work with end users to fully test and ensure all components meets specifications

  • Multiple training sessions on a rolling schedule for each type of end user, allowing each user multiple opportunities to participate
  • In person training at the policy center for Track-Kit for SAK and Track-Kit for NBS
  • On-demand online webinars allow users to learn on their own schedule

  • Multi channel support via chat, telephone, emails, support portal
  • Provide online resources and user guide, which includes any customizations
  • Track-Kit for SAK and Track-Kit for NBS earn free Track-Kit Dollars that can be used towards customization services each year

Track-Kit Dollars Program

STACS DNA is a full-service company that strives for full customer satisfaction. Track-Kit is highly configurable and can be used out-of-the box. The system can be further customized to meet your jurisdiction’s unique requirements.

Track-Kit Dollars helps you get exactly the system you need. Clients using Track-Kit earn back 10% of annual subscription fees in Track-Kit Dollars to apply towards customization services each year.