Track-Kit Pilot Program

Track-Kit Pilot Program

Try Track-Kit across your city or state for 90 days!

You’d love to see how Track-Kit would work in your own city or state.  But your IT staff time is stretched and funding is scarce right now. How can you justify getting Track-Kit into your jurisdiction?

The Track-Kit Pilot Program makes it easy for you and your team to evaluate Track-Kit in your city, region or state.

Who can participate?

  • One DNA lab with 2-3 medical facilities and all law enforcement agencies that pick-up from those medical facilities
  • One policy (admin) center
  • Prosecutors (optional)

For 90 days, you get:

  • Track-Kit configured for your jurisdiction
  • Three days of in-person training at your policy(administration) center
  • Webinar training for all users at the DNA lab, medical facilities, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors’ offices
  • Scheduled policy center check-in webinars
  • Full multi-channel support

A nominal fee covers our expert’s travel to your site. If you license Track-Kit within two years of pilot completion, the fee will be applied to your purchase.

To learn more, contact us.