Track-Kit Hosting

Track-Kit Hosting

Why Cloud-Based Sample Tracking is Best for Your Rollout and Your IT Department

More speed, scalability, flexibility, consistency, with less IT stress

With Track-Kit you get a service that helps your program meet legislative requirements with minimal stress for your organization, while delivering accountability, transparency and information-sharing among all stakeholders.

Why the Cloud?

The lifecycle of a kit or a specimen involves many stakeholders. Track-Kit’s browser-based service supports its widespread user base and can be accessed by any authorized user from any computer or mobile device with access to the internet. We provide Track-Kit to our clients using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, also known as “cloud-based” or “on demand”.

The benefits of the cloud model include:

  • faster roll-out
  • increased flexibility
  • higher scalability
  • reduced start-up costs

Less stress for your IT department

The job of deploying the application and keeping it running from day to day—testing and installing patches, monitoring performance, ensuring availability—is handled by STACS DNA rather than by your IT department. By transferring the responsibility for these tasks to STACS DNA, your IT team can focus more on high-value activities that align with and support your organization’s goals.

Instead of being primarily reactive and operations-focused, your IT team can more effectively function as technology strategists to the rest of your agency. Far from being made obsolete by SaaS, your IT department has an opportunity to contribute to the success of your agency more directly than ever before.

Track-Kit is always available and scalable

  • Track-Kit database servers are maintained in duplicate across multiple regional sites.
  • In the event that an outage or a physical disaster takes one server offline, the hosting service redirects user traffic to an operational server, preventing interruption.
  • We distribute incoming traffic to the appropriate availability set based on geographic location to optimize performance for the best possible end user experience.
  • If the traffic load increases to higher than expected levels, our automatic load balancer will engage and seamlessly reallocate user traffic to cope with the increased demand.

You have control

Every organization—local or state-level—has a unique structure and different legislative needs. Through the Joint Application Design (JAD) process, we work with you in order to ensure that Track-Kit can seamlessly augment your organization’s existing tracking processes and accommodate future change.

  • As a policy center (global system) administrator, you have full control of Track-Kit: You can add new user portals to Track-Kit and manage user resources.
  • Settings such as field names, deadlines and user options are all configurable, allowing you to update Track-Kit as required.
  • As a local administrator, you can create and maintain user accounts and configure user roles in Track-Kit, allowing you to specify role-based user access to different functions.

Track-Kit uses the cloud that’s best for your project

We use world-class cloud service providers including Microsoft Azure Government and Amazon Web Services Government Cloud (AWS) to host and deliver our online software solutions. Read more about cloud security.