Track-Kit for Sexual Assault Kits

Track-Kit for Sexual Assault Kits

Track SAKs statewide to meet legislative and transparency responsibilities


Many US states are enacting legislation to track sexual assault evidence kits (SAEKs or SAKs) throughout the state and most require the ability for survivors to access information about their kit status and testing results. This requires sharing information with tens of thousands of users annually across your state.

STACS DNA has been working with forensic DNA labs since 2000 and they asked us to develop Track-Kit to help them meet these legislative requirements. We’ve been collaborating with state Sexual Assault Task Forces and the many other stakeholders since 2014 to develop Track-Kit.

  • Secure, web-based SAK tracking system that is easily accessible to all users statewide
  • Start-to-finish sexual assault kit and inventory tracking in order to deliver accountability, transparency and information-sharing among all stakeholders
  • Secure portal for each user – medical facility, law enforcement agency, laboratory, outsourcing/private laboratory, prosecutor, compliance oversight team, policy (admin) center, kit distributor, and, most importantly, the survivor
  • Highly configurable to meet diverse state requirements so that it can be deployed quickly
  • Turn-key solution, not just software – it includes scaling, end user training, and supporting thousands or tens of thousands of users
  • We deliver the services you need to make Track-Kit work for your program and all your users across the state

Integration with Other STACS DNA Products

Integrates with STACS Casework®

Track-Kit integrates with STACS Casework to seamlessly track SAKs both inside the lab and across your jurisdiction.

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Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) using Track-Kit for Sexual Assault Kits said:

“We love it.”

“It’s very user-friendly.”

“I love it and that’s no lie!”

“Before this tracking system, we had no idea what would happen to it [sexual assault evidence kit]. We were never informed it got sent. We were rarely informed that there was ever a DNA hit. We don’t have any contact again unless we end up in court with the victim at a trial date.”

– Becky O’Neal, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, Northwest Texas Healthcare System (Source: Texas Standard article)

“The victim has that reassurance that they’ll be able to enter the system and see where their sexual assault kit is. They’ll know where it’s at, at what stage. That’s the huge difference here – it’s more for the victim, giving them that reassurance they need at times. To know the kit is moving forward and not just sitting somewhere. ”

– Lt. Ricardo Medina of the El Paso Police Department (Source: Texas Standard article)