Track-Kit for Newborn Screening Programs

Track-Kit for Newborn Screening Programs

Track thousands of specimens statewide to prevent delays

Timeliness is the driving focus in Newborn Screening (NBS) – the need to get specimens screened without delay to ensure timely treatment. Track-Kit was developed to track specimens transported from medical facility to laboratory to improve timeliness.

  • Tracks specimens from collection to storage
  • Helps reduce delays by alerting hospital and state lab staff when specimen delivery is late
  • Secure, web-based system that is easily accessible to all users statewide
  • Secure portal for each user – birthing facility/midwives, state laboratory, state NBS program (policy center), card distributor
  • Integrates with most courier systems
    • Provides real-time status updates so you know where all the packages AND specimens are located
    • Makes shipping process easier
    • Forces the best shipping option by location for the NBS program, such as forcing Saturday delivery to support weekend screening
  • Allows the state lab to make a recollection request to the hospital electronically to expedite screening
  • Helps the state and hospitals to manage dried blood spot card inventory to never run out of kits

OZ Newborn Screening Suite

STACS DNA is partnered with OZ Systems to offer the OZ Newborn Screening Suite.

Track-Kit’s specimen-centric system integrates with OZ System’s baby-centric system to give all stakeholders the information they need to improve timeliness.

  • Delivers timely, legible and accurate information on both the baby and the specimens from collection to storage
  • Helps deliver results faster, improve patient safety and reduce errors
  • Provides accurate demographics from the hospital electronic health record
  • Delivers real-time electronic test ordering and reporting (ETOR)
  • Includes all of the Track-Kit for Newborn Screening capabilities discussed above
  • Tracks card expiry to reduce costs and increase quality

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Track-Kit for Newborn Screening and the OZ Newborn Screening Suite are distributed by OZ Systems.