Sample Tracking System

Track-Kit tracks the location and status of your samples as they move from facility to facility across your jurisdiction. Vital information and alerts are shared with thousands of users to help prevent delays across a city, state or country. Track-Kit is currently being used in a state near you.

Track-Kit delivers:

  • Secure, easy-to-use website for each type of user
  • Kit location and status updates
  • Notification of late kit delivery
  • Global view of all incoming kits
  • Inventory management to never run out of kits
  • End-to-end audit trail of all activity

What makes the Track-Kit system work so well?

  • Track-Kit is a turn-key solution, not just software – it includes hosting, scaling, training, and supporting thousands or tens of thousands of users.
  • We deliver the services you need to make Track-Kit work for your program and all your users across your jurisdiction.
  • Training is specific to the needs of each type of end user – medical facility, laboratory, and all other types of users specific to your system.
  • Exceptional customer service means prompt responses, viable fixes and complete transparency in our support processes. Multi-channel support is available 24/7 if you need it.
  • We manage your system in the most secure environment available.
  • Every phase of your project benefits from our unparalleled experience and expertise – gained from implementing Track-Kit systems in many states.

Track-Kit for Sexual Assault Kits

Track SAKs statewide to meet legislative and transparency responsibilities

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Track-Kit for Newborn Screening Programs

Track thousands of specimens statewide to prevent delays

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Track-Kit for Hospitals

Track newborn screening specimens from hospital to lab to prevent delays

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