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Track-Kit Sample Tracking


Track samples and kits throughout their life cycle

You need to track samples from the moment they are collected to the time results are reported. With Track-Kit you can track every sample through its entire end-to-end lifecycle.

Track-Kit tracks any kind of kit/sample/specimen. Below are descriptions of statewide Track-Kit systems for tracking sexual assault kits and newborn screening specimens.

Track sexual assault kits

Many states are enacting legislation to track sexual assault evidence kits (SAEKs or SAKs) throughout the state and most intend to inform survivors of results. This requires sharing information with tens of thousands of users annually across your state.

Since 2014, STACS DNA has been collaborating with state Sexual Assault Task Forces to develop Track-Kit specifically to track SAKs and meet diverse state requirements so that it can be deployed state-wide quickly. STACS DNA has been working with forensic DNA labs since 2000 and we were asked by our customers to develop Track-Kit.

Track-Kit is a secure, web-based SAK tracking system that is easily accessible to all users state-wide. Each user has their own secure portal – the medical facility, law enforcement agency, laboratory, outsourcing/private laboratory, prosecutor, compliance oversight team, policy (admin) center, kit distributor, and, most importantly, the survivor. Track-Kit provides start-to-finish sexual assault kit and inventory tracking to deliver accountability, transparency and information-sharing among all stakeholders.

Track-Kit even integrates with STACS-CW to track SAKs in the casework lab.

Evaluate Track-Kit in your jurisdiction with the Track-Kit Pilot Program.

To learn more, see the links and contact information below.

Track newborn screening specimens

The driving focus in NBS is timeliness – the need to get specimens screened without delays to ensure timely treatment. Track-Kit for Newborn Screening tracks specimens from collection to storage, preventing lost specimens and reducing delays by alerting hospital and lab staff when specimens are late. It integrates with most courier systems to provide real-time status updates so you know where all the packages AND specimens are in the state. Track-Kit includes the capability to manage kit inventory and track expiry to reduce costs and increase quality.

Track-Kit is a secure, web-based system that is easily accessible to all users state-wide. Each user has their own secure portal – the birthing facility, laboratory, state NBS program, kit distributor, physicians, and parents.

STACS DNA has partnered with OZ Systems to offer the OZ Newborn Screening Suite, which helps deliver results faster, improve patient safety and reduce errors. It provides accurate demographics from the hospital electronic health record with real-time electronic test ordering and reporting (ETOR) as well as Track-Kit specimen tracking and late alerts from STACS DNA. Track-Kit’s specimen-centric system is integrated with OZ’s baby-centric system to provide timely, legible and accurate information on both the baby and the specimens from collection to storage.

To learn more, see the links and contact information below.

What makes a Track-Kit system work so well?

Track-Kit is not just software, it is a turn-key solution. It includes scaling, training, and supporting thousands or tens of thousands of users across your state. It includes training specific to the needs of your end users. It includes multi-channel support 24×7 if you need it. It includes managing your system in the most secure environment available.  It includes our experience and expertise in implementing such systems in many states. STACS DNA delivers the services you need to make Track-Kit work for your program and all your users across the state.

STACS DNA also has a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service. That means prompt responses, viable fixes and complete transparency in our support processes. Don’t take our word for it – ask our current clients.

To learn more about tracking sexual assault kits

For more information, to arrange a demo or to purchase Track-Kit for sexual assault kits, contact Tim Stacy at 1-877-774-7822 ext 2002 (toll free) or email stacsdna (at) stacsdna (dot) com

To learn more about tracking newborn screening and public health specimens

For more information, to arrange a demo or to purchase Track-Kit for newborn screening and public health, contact Heather MacIntosh at 1-877-774-7822 ext 2005 (toll free) or email stacsdna (at) stacsdna (dot) com


Download our free white paper “The Cost of Free: Assessing the Costs and Risks of Adopting Free Software For Your State’s Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System”

In this paper, STACS DNA explains the criteria to use when considering free software for your statewide sexual assault kit tracking system.


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