STACS Helps Labs Work Productively From Home

STACS Helps Labs Work Productively From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic requires everyone to rethink workspaces. Forensic DNA labs face the challenge of maintaining productivity while keeping lab staff safe, requiring staff in the lab to run instruments, extract DNA samples and perform Serology. However, a strategy for some staff to work from home ensures that a lab can limit the number of staff on-site while maintaining consistent output.

STACS allows labs to ‘bring work home’ without staff having to physically handle any documents. Instead, staff members can access a wealth of lab data in STACS through a secure internet connection. Below we explain how STACS can be used by lab management, analysts and technicians to make real progress on sample processing and casework, and to monitor and report lab activity, all without setting foot in your lab!

What Lab Staff Can Do From Home Using STACS

Case Management

  • Push cases/evidence to STACS via LIMS bridge
  • Assign cases, evidence and samples to an analyst and monitor each analyst’s workload
  • Generate agency reports
  • Perform technical and administrative case review
  • Capture all images and files for every case entered
  • Generate case (screening/DNA) processing reports
  • Complete discovery requests

Sample Processing

  • Batch samples, allowing division of labor
  • Virtually allocate extraction, quantitation, amplification and CE batches
  • Record user activity as well as consumable and instrument use
  • Import and review quantitation results
  • Review and configure normalization parameters before amplification
  • Queue samples for rework and additional processing
  • Import and interpret profiles
  • Mark profiles for CODIS, Y-Stats, Pop-Stats and create upload files
  • Link probabilistic genotyping data and reports to final profiles


  • View every activity that has been logged in the system, showing the user, date and time
  • Monitor lab throughput and productivity
  • Generate reports on a variety of laboratory activities, such as:
    • Screening and DNA processing reports
    • Statistic reports
    • Consumable reports
    • Instrument reports
    • Inventory reports
    • Create additional custom reports and queries to mine all data contained within the system


  • Monitor consumable inventory
  • Determine when certain lots of consumables are to be used in the laboratory; this ensures newer shipments of consumables are not used until older shipments are consumed
  • Track expiry dates of consumables
  • Create consumable orders; the system will indicate when consumables need to be reordered
  • Monitor required maintenance on instruments
  • The software indicates when maintenance is due so supervisors can schedule days when technicians need to be in the laboratory
  • Monitor all consumable quality control requirements
  • The system flags dates when quality control is required, allowing supervisors to coordinate the days that technicians are required in the laboratory

Read further about how STACS helps labs maintain productivity while working from home in our blog post: Managing a Forensic DNA Lab from Home.

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