DNA Sample Tracking and Lab Management Software

The most comprehensive forensics DNA sample processing and lab management software available today

STACS gives you the power to optimize every part of your laboratory’s operations. Staff can process samples and manage your entire DNA laboratory through the STACS interface. STACS seamlessly tracks all lab components and activities, integrates instruments and systems, and streamlines your workflow, creating a robust audit trail.

Developed with forensic experts, STACS has two solutions for DNA laboratories: STACS Casework and STACS Database.

STACS Casework

Sample Tracking and Lab Management Software for DNA Evidence Labs

Revolutionize your lab’s ability to reduce risk and streamline DNA evidence processing.

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STACS Database

Sample Tracking and Lab Management Software for CODIS Laboratories

The leading DNA Database sample tracking software in North America.

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What STACS can do for your DNA lab

Increase Productivity

  • STACS automated data capture reduces or eliminates data entry for every task in the lab, allowing staff to focus on lab work.
  • Processing configuration tools support custom workflows and plate/instrument templates, accelerating preparation and processing.
  • Lab processing modules generate transaction files for instruments (per client settings), saving preparation time in the lab.
  • Processing tools validate pre-defined control profiles during analysis and QA/QC runs.

Reduce Errors

  • STACS tracks consumable status, preventing the use of expired consumables and consumables that have failed QA/QC testing.
  • Reduces waste due to storage log issues.
  • Inventory Management modules guide users and capture preparation data during QA/QC, preparation or release.
  • STACS tracks instrument status and maintenance lead times, preventing the use of instruments that are out of service or due for maintenance.
  • Configurable workflows guide users through lab processes and prevent undocumented work.
  • Automated data capture records every lab activity, preventing data entry errors and missing data.

Improve Data Quality

  • STACS’ paper-free database eliminates redundant data entry and provides a central repository for all processing and operations data in the lab.
  • Supports two-way data transfer from a remote agency or external LIMS.
  • Bridges with CODIS and other law enforcement databases for enhanced upload, confirmation and match tracking activities.
  • STACS performs processing calculations automatically based on client settings.

Improve Compliance

  • STACS tracking creates a robust audit trail for every sample, consumable, instrument and storage location in the lab.
  • STACS paper-free database expedites audits and discovery requests.
  • Report module provides comprehensive reporting on a wide range of operational and management metrics.
  • SOP management module tracks SOP versions and allows SOPs to be associated with specific tasks or workflows.