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STACS-PM for Personalized Medicine Laboratories

STACS-PM was designed with and for biologists to effectively manage sample tracking and lab processes in a molecular testing laboratory.

All the data you need about your DNA laboratory processes is in one centralized system. STACS-PM automatically captures a detailed audit trail of all lab activities. In addition to tracking samples and batches, you can track users, consumables, instruments, cases, results, reports and grants.

STACS-PM gives you the tools you need to control access to sensitive information, maintain instruments, manage ordering and inventory, avoid using expired consumables, troubleshoot problems, prepare for audits, and interface to external systems – in addition to streamlining your day-to-day lab processing.

Our software provides seamless integration across all systems in your lab – regardless of vendor – meaning you will never need to generate any intermediate worksheets or excessive documentation outside of the system as batches and samples flow through the analytical process.

DNA-specific workflows are built-in, which gets your lab up and running faster, especially if you lack IT support. Worklists and sample sheets are automatically generated at every step to save time and effort. STACS-PM allows you to create and process batches at extraction, quantitation, PCR setup, and for capillary electrophoresis. You can add or remove a set of samples with controls to/from a batch at any given analytical step as the need arises. You can also integrate expert systems, accessing valuable information and reducing data entry.

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What customers are saying about STACS DNA:

“It is essential to the job we do.”

“If people sit down and look at their process, they would understand STACS is the way to go to fix their process.”

“[With STACS DNA,] we were able to customize the program to meet our needs.”

“STACS DNA is willing to work with customers to solve issues that come up.”