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Remote Collection Module

Optional module that enables collecting agencies, including prisons, jails, detention centers and parole/probation sites to enter offender data into a web-based application at the time a DNA sample is taken. Agency staff can check to see if the offender’s DNA is already in their database – if it is, the need to collect and process a duplicate sample is eliminated, resulting in cost savings of up to 20%.


  • Reduces processing delays
  • Eliminates cost of taking duplicate samples at the collection point – and the associated processing costs – up to 20% savings
  • Eliminates burden on lab staff of having to track down missing or illegible information
  • Eliminates the time and cost of retaking samples due to lab staff’s inability to retrieve missing information
  • Saves lab staff time as data entry is done at the point of collection rather than at the lab
  • Reduces errors


  • Simple and intuitive user interface for easy data entry
  • Lab staff can track the number of kits submitted
  • Web-based framework incorporates best practice for security, performance and reliability
  • Ability to add remote collection sites

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