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STACS-DB for Forensic DNA Database Laboratories

DNA database labs face the challenge of processing a never-ending number of DNA samples. STACS-DB was designed with and for Forensic Scientists to help database lab analysts streamline workflows and increase productivity. Highly configurable, STACS-DB can fit to your lab’s specific needs.

All the data you need about your laboratory processes is in one centralized system. STACS-DB gives you the tools you need to control access to sensitive information, maintain instruments, manage inventory, avoid using expired consumables, troubleshoot problems, prepare for audits – in addition to streamlining your day-to-day lab processing.

STACS-DBe provides seamless integration so that you never need to generate any intermediate worksheets or excessive documentation as batches and samples flow through the analytical process. STACS-DB Enterprise allows you to create and process plates at Plate Prep, Punch, Extraction, PCR setup, and for capillary electrophoresis. It interfaces with CODIS and other external systems such as criminal history or AFIS can also be integrated to eliminate data re-entry and increase turnaround times.

The optional Remote Collection Module enables multiple collecting agencies to enter offender data into a web-based application at the time a DNA sample is taken. This reduces work for the DNA laboratory staff and may significantly reduce costs.

Evaluate STACS-DB in your lab with the STACS Pilot Program

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What STACS-DB customers are saying about STACS DNA sample processing software:

“It is essential to the job we do.”

“STACS-DB saved us $27,000-36,000/year by eliminating the processing of duplicate samples.”

“Insanely high throughput with maximum efficiency”

“We wouldn’t be able to handle the volume resulting from the all-felony statute without STACS-DB Enterprise.”

“There is no way we could process the number of samples we process without it.”

“Nothing else is database-specific.”

“No other program is data bank-specific.”

“Now with STACS and [robotics], we can spend time screening evidence for the next DNA batch.”

“We would need more analysts [without STACS-DB].”

“STACS DNA is willing to work with customers to solve issues that come up.”