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Sexual Assault Kit Tracking


Track statistics related to sexual assault kit processing in your lab

Sexual assault evidence kits are receiving an increased level of attention as pressure escalates for kits to be processed and survivors informed of results. Are you using spreadsheets to track the number of kits in your lab and all the associated processing details? Would it save you and your team time and irritation if all of that were automatically tracked?

Sexual Assault Kit tracking is included with STACS-CW Enterprise, the leading forensic DNA sample processing software for casework laboratories.

STACS-CW tracks:

  • serology turnaround time
  • male screening turnaround time
  • DNA turnaround time
  • number of kits submitted
  • status of each kit (in processing or completed)
  • CODIS entries

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You need to track kits from the moment they are collected to the time results are reported? With Track-Kit you can track every SAEK through its entire end-to-end lifecycle.

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Grant Tracking

Grant tracking taking too much time?

Make it effortless! Automatically track employees, consumables and samples associated with NIJ or other funding sources. Contact us for a demo.

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