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Consumables Management


  • Tracks and controls all the consumables used in the lab
  • Avoids using expired consumables
  • Saves time finding material safety data sheets (MSDS) information and recipes


  • Automatically keeps a complete audit trail of lot numbers used at every step of your scientific process ̶ from sample reception to analysis ̶ including expiry date notifications and intercepts for reagents not yet released for laboratory use
  • Defines and tracks an unlimited number of consumables of all types
  • Tracks commercially available reagents (including kits and their components) as well as lab-prepared reagents
  • Manages and tracks dispensable consumables
  • Records consumables that were rejected and are not available for use in your lab
  • Presents upcoming expiring reagents in an MS-Outlook-type calendar
  • Stores and displays recipe instructions and ingredients

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