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STACS-CW for Forensic DNA Casework Laboratories

STACS-CW was designed with and for Forensic Scientists to deliver what your casework analysts need to effectively manage their workload. Highly configurable, STACS-CW can meet your lab or lab network’s specific requirements.

All the data you need about your DNA laboratory processes is in one centralized system. STACS-CW automatically captures a detailed audit trail of all lab activities that your analysts can take to court. In addition to tracking samples, you can track users, consumables, instruments, cases, exhibits, profiles, results, reports, and grants.

STACS-CW gives you the tools you need to control access to sensitive information, maintain instruments, manage inventory, avoid using expired consumables, troubleshoot problems, prepare for audits in addition to streamlining DNA-specific day-to-day lab processing.

Our software provides seamless integration across all systems in your lab, meaning you will never need to generate any intermediate worksheets or excessive documentation outside of the system as batches and samples flow through the analytical process. STACS-CW allows you to create and process batches at extraction, quantitation, PCR setup, and for capillary electrophoresis. You can add or remove a set of samples with controls to/from a batch at any given analytical step as the need arises. Data Analysis allows for the integration of expert systems.

Furthermore, STACS-CW integrates with your current LIMS to reduce typing and errors. You do not need to replace your LIMS; STACS-CW Enterprise enhances your current IT environment. STACS-CW can also work as a standalone product.

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Grant Tracking

Grant tracking taking too much time?

Make it effortless! Automatically track employees, consumables and samples associated with NIJ or other funding sources. Contact us for a demo.

90-Day PromiseCheck out what your crime lab gets with the STACS-CW Standard 90-Day Promise!