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Track-Kit Software as a Service

Track-Kit is a cloud-based product for tracking kits/samples/specimens. Track-Kit uses the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, also known as “cloud-based” or “on demand”.

The benefits of the SaaS model are:

  • Ability to access the application wherever the user can login
  • Faster roll-out to new users regardless of location
  • Significantly lower start-up costs by eliminating the initial and on-going investment in servers and installation
  • Risk-free pilot projects to test drive the software
  • Predictable and protected subscription costs
  • Automatic and seamless software upgrades
  • No space allocation for on-premise servers
  • Scales to deliver the capacity you need
  • Service level agreement specifies downtime, support, disaster recovery and other operational considerations

Track-Kit uses Microsoft Azure Government, a leader in integrated cloud services, to host and deliver our world-class online software solutions.

Below we discuss how STACS DNA addresses public safety and public health considerations related to SaaS.

The Role of IT

The job of deploying the application and keeping it running from day to day—testing and installing patches, managing upgrades, monitoring performance, ensuring high availability, and so forth—is handled by STACS DNA rather than your IT staff. By transferring the responsibility for these “overhead” activities to STACS DNA, your IT department can focus more on high-value activities that align with and support your goals. Instead of being primarily reactive and operations-focused, your IT team can more effectively function as technology strategists to the rest of your agency. Far from being made obsolete by SaaS, your IT department has an opportunity to contribute to the success of your agency more directly than ever before.


An obvious concern for public safety and all health applications is security. We ensure the following security capabilities for clients of our cloud-based product:

  • Authentication – you have the ability to create and maintain user accounts
  • Authorization – you have the ability to specify role-based access to specific job functions
  • Separation of client data through virtualization
  • Encryption
  • Encryption is applied to the website, database, backups, data and all communications
  • Penetration testing

Availability and Scalability

Windows Azure Government provides availability and automatic scalability on a global datacenter infrastructure. Applications are automatically scaled based on demand, providing high availability within and across different geographical regions.

Backup and Redundancy

Database backups are created every hour to enable a one-hour recovery point objective. Additionally, transaction log backups are taken every five minutes to enable Point-in-Time restoration. Backups are stored for a minimum of seven days in geo-redundant locations to protect against region-wide failures. Full weekly and monthly backups ensure your data is protected for a long time to come.

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery

We provide a business continuity restoration plan to ensure business operations can continue without interruption in the event that a crisis or disaster occurs.

Customer Configurability

One of the advantages of Track-Kit is that you have the ability to configure the software to meet your own requirements. Cloud-based applications are no exception. You can easily configure:

  • User interface and branding – you can brand the application with your organization’s logo, and change things such as font size.
  • User definable fields (UDFs) – you can extend the information being captured to meet your needs. You can identify the type of data being recorded, where the data is going to be used and who has rights to view and edit. This gives you more ways to filter and sort information, even on reports.
  • Access control – you create individual accounts for end users, and determine which resources and functions each user should be allowed to access. Access rights and restrictions for each user are tracked by using security policies, which are configurable.
  • Business rules – every customer is different, and so it is imperative that you are able to configure the way in which the application aligns with your operational processes.

For more information on Track-Kit’s Software as a Service capabilities, please contact us.


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