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Some commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) lab software is take-it-or-leave it. That’s not how we operate here at STACS DNA™.  Read on to see how our customization, maintenance and turnkey system services deliver added value to your lab.

Customization – Get Exactly What You Need!

Your lab has unique procedures. STACS® software can be highly customized to meet your needs now and in the future.  We use the STACS Engagement Process. This is one of the main things our customers say they love about STACS DNA – we go to great lengths to understand and deliver on your specific requirements.

Maintenance – Giving You the Best Support

Our customers tell us that no one else supports them like STACS DNA.

Our maintenance services deliver:

  • Access to new features:  The science of DNA evolves rapidly. Clients and manufacturers are always developing new processing methods, instrumentation, and workflow enhancements with a goal to reduce time and cost. New features and bug fixes implemented in STACS products are automatically made available to all registered clients at no additional cost.
  • Unlimited direct technical support:  Resolve technical issues and get technical solutions through telephone and e-mail with our support specialists. We are always a phone call or email away.
  • Customer portal:  This support center gives you a direct link to your support team for posting and tracking questions and issues. It also delivers instant access to resources that will help you and your team learn and use your STACS application.
  • Webinars: We offer customer-specific webinars to help you take advantage of all the benefits your STACS software offers.

Turnkey System Solutions – Get It All in One Order

Customers appreciate that STACS DNA will provide the workstations, servers, barcode printers and barcode scanners as well as STACS software that you need. We are pleased to deliver the whole solution that will optimize your lab operations.

Software as a Service

Read about STACS DNA’s Software as a Service (SaaS).

What customers are saying about STACS DNA:

“It is essential to the job we do.”

“If people sit down and look at their process, they would understand STACS is the way to go to fix their process.”

“[With STACS DNA,] we were able to customize the program to meet our needs.”

“STACS DNA is willing to work with customers to solve issues that come up.”