Services make or break your project. You need the best. You need STACS DNA’s Services Team.

Our STACS™ and Track-Kit services were given a Grade A rating by the State of Texas, among many others.

What’s the key to our service success?

  1. Our solutions are highly configurable to anticipate a wide variety of needs. This gives you tremendous control to make the solution work for you.
  2. You have unique requirements? We can customize our solution to your specifications. We’ve delivered hundreds of development projects with high customer satisfaction.
  3. Our implementation process is proven to deliver projects on time and on budget.
  4. Our IT experts stay up-to-date on the latest technology and IT issues.
  5. Our scientific experts stay up-to-date on the latest laboratory technology and industry issues.
  6. We consider all of the “abilities” – configurability, reliability, scalability, usability, availability – to ensure our solutions work to meet your evolving needs.
  7. Integrating systems and instrumentation is one of our core competencies.
  8. We provide training in person, via webinars with refresher sessions and via online resources to make sure users can effectively use your sample tracking solution.
  9. We provide multi-channel support 24/7 if that’s required so users can contact us how and when they need to.

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