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Not thrilled with your LIMS?
Don’t replace it. Enhance it with STACS®.

STACS – Sample Tracking and Control Software – saves you time and money while helping your lab meet accreditation standards.

  • Detailed audit trail of every activity in your lab
  • Data at your fingertips – by date, user, activity, lot #, consumable, plate or instrument
  • Track consumables and prepare purchase orders within STACS
  • Automate and integrate any instrument
  • Detect contamination
  • Comprehensive QA/QC
  • Detailed DNA processes
  • And much more!

STACS has been designed by scientists from the ground up to take into account every aspect of what you need to reliably process DNA samples .

STACS delivers the DNA Lab Essentials shown in the diagram below:


Explore how STACS solutions can help enhance your operations – whether you use a LIMS or not – using these links:

STACS-PM™ for Personalized Medicine Laboratories
STACS-CW Family™ of solutions for Casework Labs
STACS-DB Enterprise™ for Database Labs
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Is your DNA lab ready for growth?

This brief video highlights how STACS DNA helps your DNA laboratory address challenges, including tracking samples, data quality, preventing errors and more.

Visit our video page for more videos that demonstrate what STACS DNA can do for your lab.

What customers are saying about STACS DNA:

“It is essential to the job we do.”

“If people sit down and look at their process, they would understand STACS is the way to go to fix their process.”

“[With STACS DNA,] we were able to customize the program to meet our needs.”

“STACS DNA is willing to work with customers to solve issues that come up.”