Track-Kit Pilot Program Helps States Evaluate the Leading Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System

April 03, 2019

Full services and support allow jurisdictions to fully evaluate SAK tracking

OTTAWA, ON—STACS DNA today announced the Track-Kit Pilot Program which enables U.S. states to test drive the rape kit tracking system for 90 days with a full suite of supporting services. Track-Kit helps track every sexual assault kit (SAK) across the state to keep thousands of users informed and meet their legislative obligations.

Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Texas and Washington have all completed or are implementing Track-Kit. Vital SAK status and location information is provided to survivors, DNA lab staffers, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, medical facility staffers and many others.

“It may not be easy to visualize how such a comprehensive state-wide system would work,” said Jocelyn Tremblay, President and COO of STACS DNA. “States using Track-Kit have raved about how we helped them implement to thousands of users with ease – often with tight timelines – by managing the entire project, including all end user training and support. The Track-Kit Pilot Program lets them experience Track-Kit in action, including services delivered by our experts.”

Participants in a Track-Kit Pilot would include one DNA lab with two or three associated medical facilities and all law enforcement agencies that pick-up sexual assault kits from those facilities. In addition, there would be one policy (administration) center. Prosecutors may also participate.

The Track-Kit Pilot Program delivers:

• Track-Kit preconfigured specifically for the participants
• Three days of in-person training at the policy center
• Webinar training for all users at the DNA lab, medical facilities, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors’ offices
• Scheduled policy center check-in webinars
• Full multi-channel support via chat, telephone, email or support portal for all end users

By participating in the Pilot Program, states can test Track-Kit capabilities with their own potential users, ensure that Track-Kit is a good fit, and gain the justification needed to seek approval and funding. There is a nominal fee to cover our expert’s travel; at the end of the pilot period, this is applied to the license fee if the state decides to license Track-Kit within two years of completing the pilot.

STACS DNA delivers sample tracking systems to meet transparency, performance and regulatory expectations. Track-Kit™ tracks samples from collection to storage, preventing delayed or lost kits, and is the leading statewide sexual assault kit tracking system in the U.S. STACS® is the hub of automated DNA labs, providing an audit trail of all lab activity to maximize case throughput and minimize risk and errors. Our customers are federal, state, regional and local agencies, including many of the largest forensics DNA labs in North America.

Track-Kit for sexual assault kit tracking
Track-Kit Pilot Program

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