State of Texas Gives Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating to STACS DNA Services

March 18, 2019

Grade A rating given for STACS DNA’s services on both STACS-DB and Track-Kit

OTTAWA, ON—The State of Texas has rated STACS DNA’s services as exceptional under their Vendor Performance Tracking System – not once but twice in one month.

STACS DNA was rated as providing an “Exceptional customer service response” and was given a Grade A rating, which is described as “the best value for the good or service because it complied with all the specifications and evaluation criteria identified in the solicitation documents; in full compliance of all material terms of the contract” and “with complete or substantial customer satisfaction.”

The first top-level rating was reported for support and maintenance services related to STACS-DB. STACS-DB is used by the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory Service, which is one of the largest DNA database labs in the world. TX DPS has been using STACS-DB sample tracking software since 2009.

The second Grade A rating was for implementation services related to Track-KitThe Texas Department of Public Safety is rolling out Track-Kit to track every sexual assault kit (SAK) in the state. The implementation services STACS DNA is providing include customization, configuration, training and multi-channel support to all end users. Once fully implemented in September 2019, Track-Kit will give vital SAK status and location information to thousands of survivors, DNA lab staffers, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, medical facility staffers and many others.

STACS DNA delivers sample tracking software and services to meet transparency, performance and regulatory expectations. Our customers are federal, state, regional and local agencies, including many of the largest forensics DNA labs in North America. Track-Kit™ is the leading statewide sexual assault kit tracking system. We deliver the proven Track-Kit with end user training and on-going support to thousands of users across your state to make your project a success. STACS® sample tracking and control software is the hub of forensic DNA labs, maximizing case throughput and mitigating risk and errors. Integrating with – not replacing – your current LIMS, STACS provides an automatic audit trail of all lab activity, DNA-specific workflows, CODIS and instrument integration, grant tracking, sexual assault kit tracking, and much more. Our software is complemented by a powerful combination of IT and scientific expertise delivered daily by our professional services and support team. Visit

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