STACS DNA Shows How to Track Sexual Assault Kits Inside and Outside the Lab at AAFS 2019

February 14, 2019

WHO: Tim Stacy, Sales Director

WHAT:  Tracking sexual assault kits inside AND outside the DNA laboratory at AAFS 2019

WHEN:   February 18-23, 2019


American Academy of Forensic Sciences 71st Annual Scientific Meeting
The Baltimore Convention Center
1 W. Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21201-2499


Exhibit Booth # 112

STACS DNA is showing how it is possible to track the location and status of every sexual assault kit (SAK) in your state from the hospital to the DNA lab – and inside the lab.

Track-Kit for SAK tracks all SAKs, including inventory, from the time they are collected, to law enforcement, and to delivery at the lab. This includes providing vital information to survivors, prosecutors and compliance oversight.

STACS-CW tracks every aspect of processing SAKs in the lab with a detailed audit trail of all lab activity. The two products are integrated for seamless functionality.

Come to booth #112 to see Tim and learn more about how to be transparent and accountable to all state stakeholders, especially survivors.


STACS DNA delivers sample tracking software and services to meet transparency, performance and regulatory expectations. Our customers are federal, state, regional and local agencies, including many of the largest forensics DNA labs in North America. Track-Kit™ is the leading statewide sexual assault kit tracking system. We deliver the proven Track-Kit with end user training and on-going support to thousands of users across your state to make your project a success. STACS® sample tracking and control software is the hub of forensic DNA labs, maximizing case throughput and minimizing risk and errors. Integrating with – not replacing – your current LIMS, STACS provides an automatic audit trail of all lab activity, DNA-specific workflows, CODIS and instrument integration, grant tracking, sexual assault kit tracking, and much more. Our software is complemented by a powerful combination of IT and scientific expertise delivered daily by our professional services and support team. Visit

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