STACS DNA Shows How to Test-Drive Sexual Assault Kit Tracking Solutions at ASCLD 2019

May 16, 2019

WHO: Jocelyn Tremblay, President and Tim Stacy, Sales Director

WHAT: Exhibiting at ASCLD 2019

WHEN: May 19-23, 2019


American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors 2019 Symposium
St. Louis, MO
Booth #211

Jocelyn and Tim will share with crime lab directors how they can quickly evaluate proven solutions for tracking sexual assault kits to meet performance and legislative requirements. The Track-Kit Pilot Program enables states to test drive the same rape kit tracking system used by Washington, Texas, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada for 90 days. The STACS Pilot Program enables forensic agencies to test STACS sample tracking and lab management software in their own DNA laboratories for 60 days. Each pilot program includes pre-configured software to meet specific requirements, on-site and webinar training, and full support.

STACS DNA delivers sample tracking systems to meet transparency, performance and regulatory expectations. Track-Kit™ tracks samples from collection to storage, preventing delayed or lost kits, and is the leading statewide sexual assault kit tracking system in the U.S. STACS® is the hub of automated DNA labs, providing an audit trail of all lab activity to maximize case throughput and minimize risk and errors. Our customers are federal, state, regional and local agencies, including many of the largest forensics DNA labs in North America.

Heather MacIntosh
Vice President, Marketing
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