STACS DNA Launches New Website to Reflect Expanding Sample Tracking Business

New site adds Track-Kit statewide sample tracking and new healthcare markets

OTTAWA, ON—August 20, 2019—STACS DNA, the sample-tracking solutions company, today announced the launch of its new corporate website to reflect the company’s expanding sample tracking offerings and the inclusion of new markets. In recent years, STACS DNA’s business has grown to help DNA laboratories, hospitals and state programs adapt to new challenges in forensics and newborn screening with its STACS® and Track-Kit™ products and services.

Forensics DNA laboratories continue to be the core of STACS DNA’s business, with STACS® Sample Tracking and Lab Management playing an indispensable role in labs across North America. In recent years, Track-Kit has become the leading statewide kit tracking system, for tracking sexual assault kits and newborn screening specimens. Track-Kit has implementations in seven states/provinces—with more to be announced—giving thousands of users the information they need in order to save valuable time and reduce risk. STACS DNA has also introduced Track-Kit for Hospitals, which allows hospitals to track newborn screening specimens from collection to delivery at the lab, improving timeliness and patient care.

Professional services are becoming increasingly important for taking the pressure off agency IT and program teams. The new site describes STACS DNA’s comprehensive services in more detail, including system setup, configuration, customization and maintenance, as well as end user training sessions and multichannel, ongoing support services for both laboratories and statewide systems.

“We are excited to present a new website that reflects our high level of professional standards,” says Heather MacIntosh, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The new site will better serve prospective clients in forensics and healthcare, both in North America and abroad. It will also support our increasing number of mobile visitors.”

The site’s new look includes rebranding, with new logos and renaming of the STACS product line. STACS-CW is now STACS Casework and STACS-DB is now STACS Database—for forensic DNA evidence and CODIS labs, respectively—a change designed to clarify STACS DNA’s offerings.


STACS DNA offers sample tracking solutions for forensics and healthcare. Track-Kit™ tracks samples statewide from collection to completion, preventing delayed or lost kits and keeping all stakeholders informed. STACS® software is the hub of forensic DNA labs, increasing productivity and quality. Our customers are federal, state, regional and local agencies, including many of the largest forensics DNA labs in North America. Visit our new website at


Heather MacIntosh
Vice President, Marketing
613-274-7822 ext. 2005