STACS DNA Launches 90-Day Promise and Modular Software for Smaller Casework Labs

October 15, 2012

STACS-CW Standard™ delivers critical DNA processing hub functionality quickly and economically

NASHVILLE, TN, October 15, 2012ISHI 2012—STACS DNA Inc., the only DNA sample processing software provider, today announced the launch of STACS-CW Standard, a modular software solution that quickly gives smaller casework labs critical DNA sample processing tracking for day-to-day operations. The product is backed by the company’s “90-Day Promise”, under which STACS DNA will take the customer from order to implementation in 90 days.

The implementation of some lab software drags on for months and years. The “90-Day Promise” is designed so that labs quickly experience positive results, such as saving staff time and having easy access to sample data. The promise includes a full 20 days of services to get the customer up and running, including installation and configuration, user training and system setup.

With STACS-CW Standard, labs can start with the comprehensive base product and add functionality and increased lab integration with scientific instruments and LIMS over time with three value-added packages. Implementing the base product plus all three packages gives a lab the same functionality as STACS-CW Enterprise, which is in use at forensics DNA labs such as Missouri State highway Patrol (MSHP) and Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab (MVRCL) in Ohio, among others.

The base product includes:

  • Sample processing: Manages the lab’s day-to-day workflows and workload, delivering instant access to sample data through every process from sample setup to data analysis
  • Consumables Management: Allows lab staff to configure, define and track all consumables
  • Instrument Maintenance: Allows lab staff to configure instruments including detailed maintenance schedules to ensure maximum up-time and reduce delays caused by instrument unavailability
  • Instrument interfacing and tracking: Tracks all lab instruments and interfaces with quantitation and genetic analyzers instruments
  • Security and Configuration: Ensures lab staff has access to the information they need while maintaining security and confidentiality
  • Reports & Utilities: Allows a user to quickly drill down to view data a myriad of ways, plus provides a comprehensive set of more than a dozen reports
  • Licensing and Support: Premium level of support via email, telephone and customer portal

The value-added packages are:

  1. SOP & Planning Package:
    • DNA Lab Troubleshooter gives visibility into data trends, allowing staff to identify, fix and eliminate problems, saving hours or days
    • Calendar and Alerts delivers tracking of lab-wide deadlines and supports ordering and maintenance planning
    • Interfaces with any LIMS to support the entire lab
    • Ensures integration of the lab’s standard operating procedures
  2. Profile & Storage Package:
    • Allows lab staff to validate and manage profiles, including uploads to CODIS, PopStats and YStats
    • Manages detailed storage of all samples
  3. Inventory & Serology Package:
    • Tracks inventory and orders to ensure the lab never runs out of stock
    • Serology delivers all data and saves time and effort by automatically creating worklists and sample sheets

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STACS DNA enables forensic laboratories to significantly accelerate their DNA sample throughput, allowing them to more effectively contribute to community safety. STACS software works with a lab’s existing workflows–their LIMS, instruments and workloads–to blast through backlogs, increase lab integrity and decrease costs. Since 2000, STACS DNA has worked with database and casework labs of all sizes. Our customers are federal, state, regional and local law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Canada, including many of the largest forensics DNA labs in North America. The company is based in Fairfax, VA and Ottawa, ON. For more information, visit

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Our customers are federal, state, regional and local law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Canada, including many of the largest forensics DNA labs in North America.