Michigan’s Track-Kit Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Tracking System in the News

December 05, 2018

Michigan’s Track-Kit system for tracking sexual assaults is in the news — here are recent articles:

Michigan’s new sexual assault evidence kit tracking software

We hear from Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and several other talking about Michigan’s new sexual assault evidence kit tracking software and the difference it will make in the lives of survivors.

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Michigan rolling out online rape kit tracker for victims

Survivors of sexual assault can now follow their rape kit through each step of the investigative process.

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Rape kit tracking system rolling out statewide

The state of Michigan is rolling out a new system that will allow sexual assault survivors to follow their rape kits through each step of the investigation process.

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Michigan’s new rape kit tracking system: What it means for survivors

A new statewide Internet-based sexual assault kit tracking system, called Track-Kit, which is in use now in nine Michigan counties and will roll out in phases to the rest of the state through the summer of 2019, was announced by Gov. Rick Snyder.

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Sex assault survivors can track case progress online

A new database is gradually being rolled out across the state, starting in Southwest Michigan. It is expected to be online in mid-Michigan by Spring 2019, and statewide by the end of the summer. The program, called Track Kit, will allow them to see where the test kits are in the process.

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