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STACS DNA Processing Accelerator

The Complete DNA Identification Solution

The STACS® family of software products becomes the technological heart of DNA processing centers. Each solution weaves all your systems together to streamline your DNA processing steps from start-to-finish. Only STACS DNA™ delivers the solution your lab needs to accelerate your DNA processing:

  • Designed for DNA labs: Designed by and for scientists to meet the specific challenges of DNA processing.
  • Powerful integration: Highly integrated software solutions that provide seamless integration with the third-party software, scientific instrumentation and profile management systems you use every day.
  • Automatic data capture: Barcoding captures information on samples, batches, users, instruments, consumables, cases, results, reports and grants—error free.
  • Instant access to data: A relational database management system (RDBMS) captures and immediately makes available all data related to DNA processing.
  • Workflow management: No longer do you have to pour over spreadsheets, log books and other sources to piece together the data you need every day. STACS software is the central agent that drives and tracks every step of your process, giving you the instant information you need at each and every step.

These advances, based on a single integrated DNA processing system, give you and your lab staff:

  • A complete picture of who, what, when, where and how for every sample moving through the lab;
  • Control and tracking of all actions in the process;
  • Increased throughput;
  • Reduced errors;
  • A complete and unquestionable audit trail through your entire process;
  • Security and privacy measures to protect the sensitivity of data; and
  • System prompts to guide you according to your protocols or SOPs.

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In this paper, STACS DNA explores emerging opportunities and challenges of personalized medicine for 21st century clinical DNA testing labs, and their implications for bioinformatics.