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Building on Your Lab Infrastructure to Increase Turnaround Time

If you work in a database lab, STACS-DB Enterprise™ provides sample reception to manage sample submissions throughout the entire life cycle, including data entry and a number of powerful modules such as submission scanning and management of submissions duplicates, rejects, and expungements.

For more about how database labs can integrate with external systems, check out STACS-DB Enterprise.

If you work in a casework lab, you may use a LIMS to track evidence and maintain the chain of custody. Whether it is commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software or something your lab developed internally, its purpose is to track evidence throughout your lab. It’s a safe bet that your LIMS was not designed to optimize the processing of DNA samples to give you incredible throughput, save you time and avoid incidents. Only the STACS® family of products is designed to do that. STACS-CW Enterprise integrates with your LIMS so that you can save time by eliminating duplicate data entry

To learn how STACS solutions differ from a LIMS, Take the LIMS Challenge.

For more about LIMS integration, check out STACS-CW Enterprise™.

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Download the free white paper “The 21st Century Laboratory: The Challenge of Going Paperless”

In this paper, Brian Hoey, Laboratory Manager/DNA Technical leader at the Missouri State Highway Patrol, takes a real-world look at the opportunities and challenges faced by DNA laboratories on the path to paperless.