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Four DNA Lab Myths Debunked

Myth #1: “DNA processing software is too expensive.”

STACS DNA™ software is an investment—that is true. But that investment can ultimately save you money. Here’s how:

  • Decrease cost/sample: STACS DNA processing accelerator is designed to increase your lab’s throughput and decrease your costs.
  • Increase productivity: It takes fewer people to do the same workload. You may be able to redeploy members of your staff to do other valuable work.
  • Avoid incidents: Never waste time trying to find where an error was logged in a logbook or by having to do work over again.
  • JIT (Just-in-Time) inventory ordering: Never have your staff idle because they run out of inventory.
  • Reduce the time it takes to prepare for an audit: What could you do with those weeks?
  • Eliminate duplicate samples: Processing samples that don’t need to be done can really add up. Our forensic DNA database lab clients report a savings of up to 20%! You can avoid these costs altogether for a big savings.

The savings potential is different for every lab. Contact us to discuss a return-on-investment (ROI) analysis for your lab.

Myth #2: “We already have a LIMS—we don’t need DNA processing software.”

Your LIMS is designed to track cases and samples. It is not designed to optimize the processing of DNA samples to give you incredible throughput, save you time and avoid incidents. Only the STACS® family of products is designed to do that.

But you don’t need to replace your LIMS! STACS software interfaces with your LIMS for seamless operations.

Take the LIMS Challenge and see what you’re missing.

Myth #3: “It is too difficult to implement a LIMS.”

Let’s get something straight: STACS DNA solutions are not LIMS. If you have a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) LIMS, we’ll work with it. If you have a home-grown LIMS, we’ll work with it. If you don’t have a LIMS, no problem. Our solutions integrate with whatever other systems and instruments you have in your lab to reduce duplicate data entry and optimize your DNA processing.

Are you concerned about how to get there? Here’s how we work with customers to ensure a smooth implementation:

  • Customer Engagement Model: We work with you to understand your current workflow and examine where you want to be—and then help you to get there.
  • Best practices: We have been working with DNA processing labs since 2001 and have helped our customers achieve extraordinary throughput and lower costs, among other benefits.
  • Flexibility: We do not impose an operations model onto your lab. On the contrary, we adapt and optimize our software to meet your current or desired workflow.

Our customers tell us that we are the most responsive software vendor they have worked with. The process of achieving excellence need not be painful. We don’t ask you to adapt to us. We adapt to you.

Myth #4: “Implementing DNA processing software will impact our workflow.”

The only constant is change. Rather than radical change, STACS DNA can help you to achieve incremental improvements. Rather than writing with a pen in a logbook, you use a barcode scanner. Digital data entry allows you to capture it, track it, find it, measure it and report it. Your operations become integrated from end-to-end.

Will it impact the way you perform your work? Yes—in a very positive way.

Lab Budget Impact Analysis

Same Budget… Bigger Caseload?

What is the most cost-effective way to reduce your lab’s turnaround time? Get a customized Lab Budget Impact Analysis to find out.

What forensic agencies are saying about STACS DNA sample processing software:

“Insanely high throughput with maximum efficiency.”

“STACS-DB saved us $27,000-36,000/year by eliminating the processing of duplicate samples.”

“STACS-CW allows us to look at whole case cradle-to-grave.”

“We would need more analysts [without STACS-DB].”

“There is no way we could process the number of samples we process without it.”

“It is essential to the job we do.”