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Customer Quotes

STACS customers said:

“It’s the equivalent of saving a million dollars a year.”

“We are doubling, sometimes tripling our previous processing rates.”

“We are doing more with fewer people”

“The technical review process has become a breeze!”

“We must have cut audits in half time-wise with the use of STACS.”

“[STACS] is really like having another body and that is very, very useful.”

“I can’t imagine where we would be if we didn’t have [STACS].”

“Insanely high throughput with maximum efficiency.”

“There is no way we could process the number of samples we process without it.”

“It is essential to the job we do.”

“It’s like a double whammy – we are knocking away our backlog more than if we added personnel.”

“STACS removes one giant bottleneck.”

“It does everything I need.”

“STACS interweaves everything together.”

“It’s a solid product.”

“You will see better quality, less risk, you’re going to see more procedures and processes being followed accurately.”

“STACS is also a risk management tool, where we mitigate risk by having everything done through the same system.”

“We’ve caught a lot of corrective actions using STACS that we might not have caught otherwise.”

“STACS is operating rather flawlessly.”

“STACS has provided us with a solution that integrates and consolidates informatics in a paperless environment, increasing throughput and efficiency.”

“We knew we had to have a system that would allow us to work internationally; the improved integration would benefit everyone. STACS allows scientists and technologies to be inter-operational with the system.”

“We had an idea of what we wanted and we looked at seven or eight LIMS. When I saw the RCMP system, I knew it would be a perfect fit for us. STACS already worked with CODIS. It just made the most sense.”

“STACS tracks the DNA process from beginning to end. It allowed us to automate our system, and provided cohesiveness to the process.”

“We would need more analysts [without STACS DNA software].”

“We’ve increased the size of our database by 60%.”

“Now I can … import those 20 samples into CODIS within 30 seconds. That means I have two free hours … it is pretty handy; I love that feature!”

“STACS-CW allows us to look at whole case cradle-to-grave.”

“If people sit down and look at their process, they would understand STACS is the way to go to fix their process.”

“[With STACS DNA,] we were able to customize the program to meet our needs.”

“STACS DNA is willing to work with customers to solve issues that come up.”

“STACS-DB saved us $27,000-36,000/year by eliminating the processing of duplicate samples.”

“We wouldn’t be able to handle the volume resulting from the all-felony statute without STACS-DB Enterprise.”

“Now with STACS and [robotics], we can spend time screening evidence for the next DNA batch.”

“Implementing STACS was a pretty important step in the efficiency of case processing of the DNA section.”

“According to my research, STACS DNA has the most well thought out, complete program.”

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Download the free white paper “The 21st Century Laboratory: The Challenge of Going Paperless”

In this paper, Brian Hoey, Laboratory Manager/DNA Technical leader at the Missouri State Highway Patrol, takes a real-world look at the opportunities and challenges faced by DNA laboratories on the path to paperless.