Sample tracking can help public health speed up COVID-19 testing

Faster capture and sharing of sample data helps you focus on better patient care

The COVID-19 pandemic is taxing public health resources like never before. You need solutions to help handle increased test volumes reliably and quickly.

STACS DNA’s solutions improve testing timeliness, productivity and quality. Labs get a real-time audit trail of the entire end-to-end testing process from collection to reporting, keeping all stakeholders informed – both outside and inside the lab.

Outside the lab

Track-Kit™ helps prevent delayed or missing samples. The system tracks samples across a region from the point of collection to lab receipt (and storage). Thousands of stakeholders are kept informed, such as staff at collection sites, laboratories, public health programs, as well as (if desired) physicians’ offices and patients.

  • Mobile-friendly application supports data collection at drive-through/temporary sites
  • Reports location and status of samples, even in transit
  • Tracks individual samples, not packages, giving more valuable information than the courier application
  • Alerts both the submitter and the lab of delays so staff can take action to expedite receipt
  • Informs lab staff of exact number of incoming specimens and their origin so they can be prepared
  • Helps manage kit inventory in multiple locations, saving time and reducing the risk of shortages
  • If desired, informs patients of testing status and/or results

Track-Kit is already used in public health. For example, Newborn Screening Ontario (NSO) tracks 150,000 blood spot cards per year couriered from 200 hospitals across Ontario to their lab in Ottawa.

Track-Kit is integrated with standards-based solutions from OZ Systems to capture and report patient data. At collection, patient demographics can be manually entered or automatically filled onto a customized screen from the patient’s electronic health record to save time and improve data quality. An electronic lab order can send this data to the lab to avoid duplicate data entry. Patient testing results can be reported to a physician portal. Together, we deliver both accurate patient data and sample tracking quickly to the right people.

Inside the lab

STACS® Casework is a LIMS optimized for PCR-based labs, suitable for COVID-19 testing workflows. It tracks all activity in a lab — users, samples, batches, consumables, instruments — to provide a detailed audit trail as well as reports, eliminating the need for logbooks, spreadsheets, or other intermediary steps, and automating routine tasks to save precious time, improve data quality, reduce errors and meet lab standards. It is highly configurable to meet a range of needs and can be premise- or cloud-based.

Not like any other LIMS, STACS is sophisticated sample processing and lab management software created to meet the high standards of forensic DNA labs that require chain of custody and exceptional quality controls. It’s used by the FBI, RCMP, US Army and many of the largest state forensic DNA labs.

What do you need?

Our services model is to learn about your requirements and provide you with a customized solution. We start with highly configurable platforms, then integrate your current systems and instruments if they are not already supported. Customization and integration are key core competencies. Of course, we provide highly-rated initial and ongoing training and support. Here is our proven implementation process. Ask any of our clients — they will tell you we deliver.

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