Our Value

What unique value does STACS DNA deliver?

  1. An exclusive focus on sample tracking software and related services. That’s what we do.
  2. Experienced in the DNA community since 2000, we deeply understand the needs of forensic DNA crime laboratories and key stakeholders.
  3. We employ both IT and scientific experts, creating a powerful combination for supporting our clients on a daily basis.
  4. Our solutions are highly scalable to meet the mission-critical needs of any jurisdiction – to track samples for one laboratory or hospital – or across a city, state, country or planet.
  5. The combination of our highly configurable systems and our proven customization services ensures that clients get exactly the solutions they need.
  6. Our professional service staff is highly regarded for the services they deliver during project implementations and ongoing, multi-channel support every day.
  7. Our software development and implementation process delivers projects on time and on budget. We have more than 25 years’ experience successfully managing client projects.
  8. Our solutions integrate with each other and with our customers’ existing systems, allowing data to flow seamlessly between labs and agencies, reducing the need for duplicate data entry and increasing end-to-end value.
  9. We work and play well with others. We are vendor-agnostic, integrating instruments, software and systems to deliver the exact solutions our clients require.
  10. Partnerships with expert companies extend our capabilities: we work with OZ Systems, specialists in newborn screening, and PEC to extend our reach internationally.
  11. We make all new product capabilities available to clients so that our whole client community benefits from new developments.
  12. We stay on the leading edge of technology and scientific developments.
  13. We help organizations to try before you buy with the STACS Pilot Program and Track-Kit Pilot Program.
  14. We strive to deliver complete customer satisfaction through our STACS Dollars and Track-Kit Dollars Programs.