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Automatic Grant Tracking Saves DNA Labs Hours of Work

Many crime labs rely on grant funding. Grant managers dedicate many hours calculating statistics in order to complete routine grant reporting, such as is required twice a year by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). Reporting to funding bodies takes time away from essential casework. What if all that work could be done automatically?

Saving time with software

STACS Casework, our sample tracking and lab management software for DNA crime laboratories, completely automates grant tracking as part of its extensive audit trail. This saves criminologists and grant managers a significant amount of time. Grant-related statistics are tracked automatically, streamlining the process of reporting to the BJA. Labs can capture grant-funded processing statistics for the BJA and other funding organizations as well as for lab management.

Labs can automatically track and allocate the following using STACS Casework:

  • Purchased consumables
  • Staff employee hours
  • Contract employee hours
  • Overtime hours
  • Performance statistics (number of samples processed, profiles developed, profiles entered into CODIS, etc.)

Customizable grant reports

The grant reports in STACS Casework are fully customizable, making it quick and easy to generate the exact reports required by lab management and the grant oversight board. Analysts can focus on working cases instead of spreadsheets since the details of their work are automatically tracked and assigned to the appropriate funding source.

How it works

A grant tracker ‘switch’ is automatically set to ‘On’ for grant-funded users and can be activated manually for any other user. These users’ activities are automatically recorded against the grant entered into the system. No other actions are required. There is no limit to the number of grants that can be tracked.

STACS Casework notifies a grant-funded user if their assigned grant is nearing its end date and they are then prompted to assign a new grant. The user can specify the desired number of days’ notice for alerts and the grant’s end date can be changed if the grant is extended.

Learn more about how STACS Casework helps crime labs improve efficiency:

About Malena Jimenez

Malena Jimenez is a Field Application Specialist with previous experience working as a Criminalist for Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Crime Laboratory Division. Malena holds a Bachelor of Science with dual majors in Cellular/Molecular Biology and Chemistry from Utah State University. She joined STACS DNA in 2014.

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