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PEC Technologies offers forensics labs systems to increase productivity and information access. PEC Technologies resells the STACS family of products in the Middle East and Africa. The company was founded in 2003 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

An innovator in global screening solutions, OZ Systems develops end-to-end newborn screening software that reduces human errors and improves patient safety, quality of care and intervention timeliness. Recognized for interoperability and innovation, the company has projects with U.S. and international health care providers and public health agencies. OZ Systems is a Track-Kit value-added reseller for newborn screening programs and is based in Arlington, TX.

Technology Platform

STACS DNA is a Silver-certified Microsoft partner. Our products are built on Microsoft technologies as proven industry standards.

Scientific Instrument Interfaces

STACS software interfaces with instruments from the following vendors and brands:

Applied Biosystems BeckmanCoulter.fw
BSDlogo bio-rad
COPAN Logo Hamilton
Life-Technologies perkin_elmer
PromegaLogo Qiagen_Logo.svg
Tecan Thermo-Scientific

Scientific instrument interfaces for STACS-CW
  • Scientific instrument interfaces for STACS-DB
  • Scientific instrument interfaces for STACS-PM
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