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Washington State’s Track-Kit Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System in the News

November 28, 2018

Washington State’s Track-Kit system for tracking sexual assaults is in the news again — here are recent articles:

Sexual assault survivors can track rape kits through new State Patrol system

Sexual assault survivors in Washington can now track their rape kits through a new system developed by Washington State Patrol.

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Tracking system for rape kits goes live in Washington state

Survivors of sexual assaults in Washington state can now track the progress of their kits being analyzed through a new online portal.

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Sexual assault survivors in Washington can track status of rape kit analysis with new portal

The system was implemented for survivors’ ‘information and comfort’

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New system highlights progress, more needed to clear rape kit backlog

Washington state got its own tracking system up and running, so rape victims can track their rape kits through the entire process, starting at the hospital where the kits are performed. But the backlog is still an issue.

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New WA rape kit test tracking system almost ready

Washington state is among the first states to have a system like this. It’s the result of legislation passed in 2015 to address the rape kit backlog.

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