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The Illinois State Police adopts STACS™ for its DNA Indexing Laboratory

March 12, 2004

Springfield, IL. – March 12, 2004 – Anjura Technology announced today that ISP adopted STACS™ for its DNA Indexing Laboratory in Springfield, Illinois.

The roll-out of STACS™ is targeted for June 2004 and will be based on STACS™ Enterprise Version 3.2.

“ISP conducted intensive analysis work in 2003 and has a very good handle on its DNA processing requirements. We met with the people from the DNA Indexing Lab at the last CODIS Conference and demonstrated all of the STACS™ Enterprise sub-systems. What ISP had envisioned in terms of high throughput DNA processing is already available in our product – the required modifications to STACS™ for the DNA Indexing Lab essentially revolve around Illinois’ specific requirements” said Jocelyn Tremblay, Director, Anjura-STACS™.

“With an anticipated number of samples hovering around 100,000 per year DNA automation is not only key but essential – and STACS™ was designed with high throughput processing and automation in mind” added Tremblay.

About STACS™

STACS™ supplies the leverage that is needed to attack backlogs and streamline DNA processing for the forensic community. STACS™ tracks and controls the full DNA identification process from sample reception to sample matching with seamless integration of all processes.

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