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California Department of Justice adopts STACS-DB Enterprise™ for its CAL-DNA Data Bank program

June 20, 2005

Richmond, CA – June 20, 2005 – Anjura Technology announced today that CAL-DOJ adopted STACS-DB Enterprise™ for its DNA Data Bank program in Richmond, California.

The project team comprised of subject matter experts from Anjura and CAL-DOJ will define the California-specific customization requirements in the Fall of 2005.

“CAL-DOJ went through a fairly extensive review of the LIMS market and concluded that only STACS™ offered the level of DNA tracking and control required by its data bank. That combined with STACS™ out-of-the-box ability to leverage advanced robotics for increased throughput while maintaining full chain of custody from start to finish via a robust bar coding system made the selection of our product the only logical choice.” said Jocelyn Tremblay, Director, Anjura-STACS™.

“Our product has been in place for many years in a high volume and evolving technological market. We have demonstrated scalability and adaptability – not only when we execute mandates for organizations such as CAL-DOJ but also in integrating the latest technological advances such as support for single amplification DNA typing kits and the latest genetic analyzer technologies.” added Tremblay.

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